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Improper conduct

If you apply for a licence under the Alcohol Act, an assessment will be made as to whether you engage in improper conduct in any respect whatsoever. Just as is the case of a BIBOB investigation, or an application for a Certificate of Conduct, your criminal record will be examined, among other things.

However, there is no limit to the sources that may be involved when assessing whether you engage in improper conduct in any respect. This assessment may even cover cases that did not result in any (legal) consequences. In addition, 'improper conduct' is not a well-defined concept.

Whether or not you are considered to engage in 'improper conduct' may differ from municipality to municipality. For example, you may not act as a manager in a catering establishment in case you are deemed to engage in improper conduct in any respect. This is consequently an important consideration when applying for a licence for a catering establishment.

We can advise you in advance in case you have any doubts about whether you are capable of fulfilling this requirement, and would like advice on the same. If your licence application is refused or your licence is revoked on account of alleged 'improper conduct', we can also advise you on how to proceed against such refusal or revocation and in addition, also assist you in any proceedings that may follow. In case you have any questions about the requirements under the Alcohol Act or concerning the absence of improper conduct, please contact our office (LINK).