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Has a crime been committed against you?

At Kuyp Baar advocaten, Ellen Hullegie specialises in providing assistance to victims of violence or sexual offences. The assistance we provide in such cases is always on a pro bono basis, regardless of your income.

It is always terrible when a crime is committed against you. It was not something that you chose to happen to you. You have many questions. Will I recover? Will the fear go away? Will I be able to function normally again? Will the damage I suffered be compensated? Ms Hullegie can answer all these questions. She will also take over all kinds of practical matters from your hands.

In serious cases you should take into account three phases in the procedure.

The phase in which you report the crime, and possibly have to be heard as a witness by the police or the examining magistrate. It is always advisable to seek assistance during this phase. It provides peace of mind and certainty.

Then comes the hearing itself. The day of the hearing is exciting and will evoke emotions. A well-founded request for compensation must be drawn up. The defendant's lawyer may try to show you in a bad light. Here again, assistance is a must.

Finally, your compensation will also have to be definitively paid out. The Violent Offences Compensation Fund can be helpful in this regard, but sometimes a bailiff will also have to be called in. These are matters that you would rather not have to do yourself.