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Merel Neijenhuis

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Educational and training background

Merel graduated in criminal law from the University of Utrecht. She wrote her master's thesis on how the new regulation regarding the imposition of the TBS measure (the dutch equivalent of detention under a hospital order) on refusing observants relates to medical professional secrecy and the right to privacy.


During her studies, Merel did internships at the Public Prosecution Service and at a renowned law firm in Amsterdam. After her studies, she worked for more than three years as a senior legal counsel at two different courts for more than three years. She therefore knows the judicial system inside out.


Merel is involved with her clients, direct and open in her communication. She delivers tailored services in every case. With her passion for criminal law and her enthusiastic character, she is committed to the best defense of her clients.


Meren Neijenhuis has registered the following legal area in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar Association:

General practice

This registration obliges her to obtain ten training credits in each registered legal area in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar every calendar year.

More information can be found via this link: registration mr. M. Neijenhuis